Bird the Road Less Traveled

eBird has issued a challenge to the birding community. They have posted a map on their website that shows, state by state, the number of checklists that have been submitted since the sites inception.

That stated that it was no surprise that the checklists seem to cluster in the most populated areas. I know that the majority of my checklists are centered in Bernalillo County, NM.

Because the data is used to determine trends in bird populations, they are anxious to increase their data from less populated areas of each state. The following link will take you to the map of New Mexico. Harding County has the least data. Other counties with little data include Quay, DeBaca, Lincoln, San Juan and McKinley County.

According to their website, “Bird distribution changes with the seasons, and at eBird we like to have data distributed throughout the year to track the ebb and flow of bird populations. With this in mind, we plan to update these maps each month so that eBirders will have a better idea about how the data volume changes in each state and county. Check back to see the maps for February around the 1st of the month.”

I checked my county data and discovered that I had entered data for only two of the under-represented counties. I think that tells the story well.

Ute Lake State Park

Ute Lake State Park anyone?


2 thoughts on “Bird the Road Less Traveled

  1. I think this is a very important post. I love e-Bird, and think its one of the best developments in citizen science that I’ve seen. Just a word of encouragement, those “blank spaces” on the map are not blank at all when you get there!

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