Visit from a Roadrunner

roadrunner-head I walked out of my garage to the driveway just as a Greater Roadrunner was passing by. He glanced at me and kept going. When he got to my gate he paused a moment, hopped right up to the opening in the top of the gate, and then popped on through. He crouched under the Apache Plume bush.

I wondered whether he would stay there a few minutes so I could get my camera. When I returned, he was gone. I quietly opened the gate and walked slowly across the patio. When I got to the edge of house, I could see him perched in the bare branches of a large bush at the far corner of the house – a favorite hiding place.

The sparrows that had been enjoying the recently filled feeder had flown to cover in the pyracantha and were sending alarm calls. Then all was quiet.

I walked slowly down the path. As I approached the bush, he spotted me and popped out. As he tried to creep back along the wall of my neighbor’s house, he came close enough to capture some photos.

Where are the sparrows?

Where are the sparrows?


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