Top 10 Wildlife Highlights of 2008

One of my favorite birding blogs, A DC Birding Blog, which links to mine, listed his top 8 nature moments of 2008. It was a great idea, so I am going to borrow it. There were so many wonderful moments that it was hard to choose my favorites. The following is my list – not in order of priority, but chronologically:
1. Watching the flocks of rosy finches swirl into the feeders on the deck of the Crest House at Sandia Peak.
2. Explaining the importance of the Belen Marsh to Albuquerque Journal reporter, Toby Smith, which resulted in him becoming an advocate for its preservation – and later working collaboratively with other nature lovers to try and save the marsh from destruction.
3. Watching territorial male Red-faced Warblers and Painted Redstarts at the Iron Creek Campground near Silver City, NM.
4. Hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains in Southern California.
5. Observing the Mississippi Kites in Roswell’s Calhoon Park
6. Spotting a Three-toed Woodpecker at Sandia Crest
7. Exploring the Sepulveda Wildlife Basin in Southern California.
8. Gazing in awe at the spectacular red leaves of the Big Tooth Maples in Fourth of July Canyon.
9. Savoring the golden leaves set against a back drop of red cliffs at Ghost Ranch.
10. Watching three kinds of tits flit back and forth between feeders near Elgin, Scotland.


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