Viewing Alaska’s Marine Wildlife off the Coast of Seward

“There are orcas breaching at our location,” came the call over the radio. I was sitting next to Dan Olson, our captain on the Misty during our Kenai Fjords boat cruise. The morning had started with a drizzle and the weather had gotten worse all day. We were crossing 3 foot swells in Resurrection Bay. I was glad I was wearing my acupressure bands and had taken 12-hour bonine as an added precaution. Dan circled back and headed near their other cruise boat’s location so we could see the whales.

I left my spot in the bridge, pulled on my rain hood and headed out on the deck to get a better view. During the next half hour we watched Orcas, or Killer Whales, that are really large dolphins and Humpbacks. When the black and white Orcas would hump high, we knew its next move would be to dive. As it lifted its tail flipper and slapped it against the water, we would yell, “Fluke.” The Humpback would hump, and then disappear when it dove. When they humped, we watched for the water spray from its spout. It was quite a show.

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