Rest and Food for the Weary – Song Bird Fall-out

A slow storm inched its way across western Louisiana and west Texas the prior day, dropping buckets of rain. As I struggled to see the freeway in the driving rain, I thought about the neotropical migrants getting ready to make their way across the Gulf of Mexico that evening.

As we pulled into Peveto Woods Bird and Butterfly Sanctuary on the southwest Louisiana coast in Cameron Parish, we wondered whether warblers would be dropping in. A good day for birders means an exhausting trip for migrants.

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One thought on “Rest and Food for the Weary – Song Bird Fall-out

  1. Judy,

    I found your blog as a link to Peveto Woods Preserve near
    Holly Beach, La. I visited that place about 2 weeks after
    you and was fortunate enough to find a painted bunting, of
    which I took about 30 photographs.(Digital, RAW format with
    an *ist Pentax 35mm digital w/ 170-500mm zoom telephoto)
    If you like beachcombing as well as birding, Peveto Woods
    is an ideal place. As a resident of northern Louisiana,
    I had never visited SW Louisiana. (The Outback)
    I enjoy reading about your birding activities.


    R. Lowery

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