Curve-billed Thrasher

I have gotten quite a kick out of the lone Curve-billed Thrasher who makes his appearance each day at dusk after the rest of the birds have sequestered themselves. Yesterday he was just sitting in the small hanging platform feeder where I put peanuts for the Jays and gazing around. His head was resting on the rim and he seemed content. Today he is perched on a concrete block that helps the feeder pole stay upright. It is sticking above the snow. He will look in the window at me. Before he finally takes off, he will fly up to the regular feeder and perch precariously on the edge and help himself to seed. I have taken to filling that feeder around 5 PM – which is after most birds have snuggled in for the night. That way there will be feed in the early morning when the birds emerge and I won’t have to go outside in the cold.


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